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Before - East Side
Before - South Wall
Before - North Side
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Hens 'N Roos on
Watershed Conversion
Mouse over the structure pictures to see the before shots.
This video is duplicated here
because I love to hear the crowing
and my hubby's laughter when I
open the pages.
This project was 3 months in the
making, and quite the labor of love.
When we decided to raise chickens
hubby suggested we convert our
watershed. Sounds easy, but when we
emptied it out, we found that all of the
sill plates were rotted. The building
had to be supported and bad wood
removed and replaced. We started on
June 1st and between the weather and
a nest of sparrows that we didn't want
to disturb, we lost about 3 weeks.

My husband did all of the main
structure rebuilding by himself with a
little bit of help from me when an extra
hand or two was needed. He wanted to
put a permanent roof on the building. I
suggested a porch. He said draw me a
picture of what you want and I'll build it.
Our main house is all black. Totally
black. Rule of thumb has always been
that all of the buildings on the property
would eventually be black. I did not
want a black coop. I asked if I could
have the front wall a different color. He
asked what color... I had several in

This definitely was a joint effort.
Changes, additions, accents were
made on a daily basis. One would
have a thought and the other would
expand on it. I don't think the building
will ever be complete, as there are still
little cutesy things I would like to do
with it. Of course it will be decorated
appropriately for each season.
We found these kerosene lamp holders at a local antique shop. They make
wonderful plant holders.
You can do wonders
with a piece of pine
and a bit of
We had to install ventilation in
the building. Two 6" stove pipes
exited the south and north walls.
They were ugly. I came up with
the cartoon flower idea and cut
wood flowers to place around
them. The holes were covered
with wire mesh to keep the
critters out. Wood cut-out grass
and chickens were added to
complete the scene.
The entrance into the coop from
the run.

Another vent made into a flower,
and more chicken cut-outs..
To an artist...
Every surface is a
Originally this was to be the
only wall with cut-outs. This
one was planned ahead of
time and we had 3 months to
play with it. We kept the
original design, and on the
last day, after all was
attached, we decided we
needed an owl.
Living Together in

The animals around us, who
share our property.
Nesting boxes with storage
cabinets on top and on
either side.

I forgot to mention that
when the chicks arrived we
decided to go with the
Robin Hood theme when
naming them. We've
carried that over to the
design of the coop.
First day in the coop.
The girls and I still have
our sit down chats. They
look forward to them as
much as I do.
Hubby boxed in a
fluorescent light fixture with
pine and wire mesh. I
designed the chick and
egg stencil.
2 x 4 roost - Our fancy
chicks' favorite sleep spot.
Off the floor wire cage for
feed and hay.
Country Roads by Joanie

Sure Would Run
The dogs are in the
house, and the girls are
ready to venture into open
The inside is almost as decorative as the outside.
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Thanks so much for visiting us. If you care to see a more detailed photo
collection of the watershed to coop transformation, check out
My Blog. .
I made the top sign for the
house and the bottom one for
the coop. Hubby decided the
coop needed both. If you look
around, you will find two others
that I played with.
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Art is the only way to run away
without leaving home.

Twyla Tharp
If we had wanted just a coop, we
could have had this project
done in half the time. But, we
are artists, and that is reflected
in everything we do.
The aim of art is to represent not the
outward appearance of things, but
their inward significance.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the
transmission of feeling the artist has

Leo Tolstoy
This world is but a canvas to our

Henry David Thoreau
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